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What We Do

We improve companies’ bottom lines by integrating emerging media — social, mobile, and digital — into their business, with solutions they can measure.

tMedia believes in integrating new technologies into existing strategies, enabling the delivery of critical parts of a brand message to the exact right audience, in the ideal format each individual prefers. The result is a crystal-clear brand message received by a truly engaged audience.

tMedia offers a variety of services with in two main pillars of emerging media success: Strategy & Training

Strategic Brand Services
Emerging media has proven an excellent vehicle for brand introduction, maintenance, transition, turnaround and more. tMedia serves as a change agent, implementing strategies designed to spark revenue and position the brand for growth and visibility.  Offering a robust program that guides that guides full offline and online media strategy – Marketing, PR, Emerging Media, Online Advertising/Marketing and more – tMedia provides both internal and external direction; facilitating alignment and goals and positive target audience messaging.

Regulated Industries
With particular expertise in regulated industries like healthcare, government and finance, we work with our clients’ legal and compliance teams to first ensure that all emerging media strategies fit within their (and their industry’s) regulatory framework. We also develop detailed reporting and documentation strategies for all outgoing communications in the social media sphere to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Public and Media Relations
Drawing on more than fifteen years’ worth of public relations and direct media experience, tMedia develops strategic plans for reaching influencers in mainstream media, social media, and community stakeholder groups. This includes writing news releases, distribution via newswires or direct contact, and personalized audience follow-up to gauge interest and measure media coverage received.  As we believe in the power of integration of new and traditional media, public relations remains core to our focus.

Personal Online Persona Building
As an Executive, you are the face of your organization and a core part of the brand. How you position yourself in the online space will greatly impact how you are perceived offline. tMedia will help you tell your story and place it in the social media sphere in a way that resonates with your target audiences and showcases your value. One-on-one consulting sessions accompany your persona building to ensure that you or your team are prepared to manage your online persona once your platform is in place.

Training & Speaking

Carisa Miklusak, CEO of tMedia, is a renowned keynote speaker that presents wildly entertaining and informative sessions ranging in tone and topic at conferences, private client events and more. In addition to delivering personal keynote addresses, Carisa has trained a team of highly skilled speakers and trainers that deliver sessions ranging from keynotes to full day and/or ongoing monthly sessions. Recent popular training topics include:

  • Social Media as a Business Tool
  • Emerging Media Measurement and Metrics
  • Integrating Social and Traditional Media
  • Using Mobile Media for Business
  • Personal Business Personas
  • Social Media and Recruitment 101
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Blogging for Executives

tMedia customizes each training engagement per your audience’s skill level and preferences.